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Pebbles and Shells Shawl Pattern (Crochet)

Pebbles and Shells Shawl Pattern (Crochet)

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Pebbles here is a GORGEOUS girl! Such a beautifully unique shape and so versatile - it even makes a good cape! She is a quick and easy make - after you get the base rows set up you’ll fly mindlessly through and BOOM! Done!

This is classified as an Advanced Beginner Crochet Pattern. You need knowledge of basic stitches - DC, SC and puffs, and there are some colour changes as well.
Pattern requires approximately 700y of DK Weight Yarn (roughly 460y of the main colour and 230y of the accent colour).
Blocking is also important for this piece to really shine!
Gauge is only important with regards to yardage.

The pattern includes a small diagram depicting the base row (for the visual learners), and a comprehensive stitch count chart that makes working this shawl effortless!

This pattern was designed in collaboration with Sam at Beachy Breeze Fibers. The colours I used for my shawl in particular are Sea Grass and Sea Brine.

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