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Ladder Lace Cover-up Pattern (Crochet)

Ladder Lace Cover-up Pattern (Crochet)

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The time has come for the Ladder Lace Cover-up to enter the world! She is a gorgeous lace crochet coverup made using a simple single row repeat! Mindless crochet that LOOKS AMAZING, what could be better?

This pattern is a create-your-own-adventure of sorts. You start with a “standard” width panel measurement and work from there. The possibilities are ENDLESS - you get to choose your length, waistband options, cleavage coverage, straps and seaming. Want a tie with tassels? HECK YES. Fringe for the bottom? ABSOLUTELY!

Yardage is as follows (based on tester versions, but beware that any design choices you make can affect it so plan to have extra in case):
▪ XS - 500-600y
▪ S - 550-650y
▪ M - 650-750y
▪ L - 800-900y
▪ XL - 900-1000y
▪ 2X - 1000-1150y
▪ 3X - 1250-1350y
▪ 4X - 1300-1400y
▪ 5X - 1400-1550y

The pattern includes pictures and brief descriptions of all the tester modifications AND a link to all their cover-up measurements, in case you need a starting point! Be sure to check them all out through the projects link OR #ladderlacecoverup on instagram!

PLEASE NOTE that 5X is currently untested, but if you are a 5X and interested in the pattern REACH OUT! I would love to provide you with a free copy of the pattern in exchange for your feedback.

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