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Fine Feather Cowl Kit (Yarn & Pattern)

Fine Feather Cowl Kit (Yarn & Pattern)

Roxanne from @eat.wander.crochet has designed the most stunning cowl, friends. I am honoured to have worked with her on this gorgeous piece! It was tremendous fun coming up with these colour palettes.

Read below for the inspiration behind the name:

Many years ago, I visited Prague with a friend. It was a grey day in early January, so it was a little cold, but there was no snow. We wandered into the Wallenstein Palace Gardens and admired the beautiful scenery. At some point, we turned the corner, and much to our surprise, we stumbled upon a peacock 🦚 just chillin' around the bushes. They sported a magnificent array of colors, like bright teals and earthy browns, that almost seemed to sparkle against the backdrop of green trees and the moody grey sky. The expression, "in fine feather", means to be in good spirits or humor, much like this chillin' peacock that day. As soon as I saw how the yarn that @thefrostedstitch dyed worked up and how the colors almost shimmered, I was reminded of my peacock friend that day and it definitely put me in good spirits. And hopefully, the Fine Feather Cowl kit will do the same for you!

The kit options were inspired by beautiful birds:

Peacock Kit - Pretty Pink, Beautiful Burgundy, Perfect Purple and Terrific Teals

Parrot Kit - Gorgeous Greens and Magnificent Mustards

Robin Kit - Warm, welcoming fall hues - Red, Rust, Cinnamon, Brown and Ecru

Blue Jay Kit - Truly beautiful blend of Blues - Sapphire, Sky, Midnight and Slate

Canada Goose Kit - A rich and moody blend of browns, black and ecru. Perfect for our neutral-loving fans!

Great Grey Owl Kit - Another neutral favourite, this one fabulous blend of greys - silver, charcoal, slate and black!

Rosy Finch - A warm beige and brown bird, with subtle hints of muted wine and bright pinks.

Olive Sparrow - A delicious blend of clay, olive greens and warm earthy browns.

Each kit comes with the three coordinating skeins of yarn and a copy of both the ORIGINAL and LITE patterns (please note, LITE will not release until September 9th, at which time you will be emailed a copy):

ORIGINAL PATTERN: Frosted Worsted yarn (100% Superwash Merino, 115g/210 each).

LITE PATTERN: Snowflake Sock, Snowdrift Sport, or Deep Freeze DK


The Fine Feather Cowl uses a meditative stitch pattern that looks almost woven, and allows the yarn to shine. While you may use any worsted weight yarn, this kit was designed in collaboration with the talented Frosted Stitch. The different colors weave seamlessly into one another and the yarn almost shimmers. I hope you enjoy this airy, yet warm and drapey cowl, and that it makes you feel in fine feather.

This is an advanced beginner level pattern. Photo tutorials are included.

The pattern is written in standard US crochet terms. It comes in one size; however, it may be increased or decreased, as desired. 

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Thank you for your support and your patience.

Due to the nature of hand-dyed yarn, skeins can differ slightly both between and within dye lots. Alternating skeins is recommended.

While I do my best to both capture and portray accurate colourways, please note that there may be differences due to monitors.

Despite fully exhausting, washing and rinsing all skeins, to remove excess dye, some bleeding may still occur. Hand washing yarn is recommended - in cold water to limit the bleeding - and lay flat to dry.

Please note that all yarn is dyed in a pet-friendly household.

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