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Boreal Bandana Cowl Pattern (Crochet)

Boreal Bandana Cowl Pattern (Crochet)

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What do you get when you cross a triangle scarf with a cowl? PERFECTION, that’s what! And this, my friends, is what it looks like!!

For all of you out there who can’t seem to get a scarf or shawl to stay on, this one’s for you! It has the style, drape and DRAMA of a triangle scarf with a cowl on top! Which means it will NOT fall off! It looks fantastic on it’s own or layered beneath a stylin’ Autumn jacket. Plus, it’s designed using DK yarn so it’s cozy but not too hot!

The best part? It’s EASY! So easy! You could whip one of these up in, like, 2 days.

It is created using tons of fun (yet basic) stitches with loads of texture. You work the piece as you would a triangle shawl, then attach the two corners together and continue in the round for the remainder of the piece!

The pattern uses roughly 400y of Deep Freeze DK (plus whatever you want to use for fringe), in a combination of three colours:
MC - a semisolid main colour, roughly 160y
Colour A - a matching variegate, roughly 150y
Colour B - a contrasting colourway that pops, roughly 90y

This pattern is also available as a kit. Please note that if you purchase a kit, you will get the pattern for free! 

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